September 11, 2009

Names of the sender of E-mail for Different Domain Zones 

It would be convenient if mailers allowed to enter in the field «Sender» (or «From») different names of the sender for domain zones. For example, if Russian sends the letter to the USA or Mexico, then it will be difficult for recipient to read of the sender «Иван Иванов». For the addressee who isn’t knowing the native language of the sender it will be more clear if the name of the sender is entered, for example, in Latin – «Ivan Ivanov». Names of the sender of E-mail for different domain zones.

Information Stand – 

Arriving in a foreign city need to be prepared for the fact that a local may not know the city’s facilities (Universities, Central hospitals, parks, museums, courts, etc.). And I myself, a few years passing by one building (and not knowing his correct name) was able to trust the old-timers (and several in several places) and to leave not there. That is, none of those I asked did not know the exact location and the name of the object.

In order to fix this bug of misunderstanding, ignorance, guesswork and fantasy, I suggest to post in places crowded (train stations, airports, large stores, bus/Shuttle stops and other suitable locations) information boards with the correct object name and the street where it is located.

Little bit of ideas

Everyone on the planet got used to the fact that all stores have packages. No matter what is free or not, although nicer when they give a gift. But it is very frustrating when bought bulky or heavy items, at the checkout you’re told that no packages. Information plate on the door or at the information booth of the store should warn the problem.

Packages ended Dividers for punch bag each boxing bag should have internal dividers made of sturdy material. They need to ensure that the bag filler (rubber crumb, for example) didn’t at the bottom and not the top of the void. Dividers for punch bag, Anti-slip pads on sole 95% of the soles of any brand of winter boots – utter garbage when it comes to frosty slippery streets. The idea is to cover the additional to the main sole. The additional lining must be steel spikes. As you attach the pad can be used as a conventional “Velcro”, and the more complicated clamping mechanisms. Anti-slip pads on sole, Index numbering.

Every, climbing the floors, be sure to travel at least 20 meters of corridor before you can understand in what direction the numbering of the classrooms or auditoriums. A simple sign in front of the entrance on the floor or in the building will easily fix this problem.

Index numbering Stand for pencils, pens, markers and stuff. Feature: stable form.…